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Hard to follow all of this. Your interest in me stems from your realisation that your leftism taints your sanity, and I provide a stabilizing force. You are welcome.


Oh, do I now? Well, I should try my pun act on you.

And do you often wish you had been Freud's assistant?

(ty, I'll try it later.)

Irish setter. I'm not sure which species I prefer. Russian Blues are nice.

Here's a tip: don't watch sitcoms.

I believe I still have that birthday song you and your son sang for me. (Sorry I forgot to wish your son a happy birthday, I am not good with dates. What's his name?)

It works for me. Enter Trigger Street into Google.

Shiny happy beautiful people.

Would you like a Tony?

No comment.

What? The operation? Nice evening with open heart surgery and fava beans.

A classic film! And, don't worry I believe you, really.

Send in your resume to the Food Network.

So being disturbing runs in the family? I guess exposure to the west coast and the northern states will do that. Tip: Avoid San Francisco.

Your 'ghetti? And that would be the mafia of pasta.

"Witches?" Dahl must have agonized over that title.

Your boyfriend must have been ecstatic.


It seems someone thinks this is a contest. And this causes said person to make me have to read every neurotic thing she has posted. I just do not know if this is before or after or during her December 16th, 9:07 pm suggestion. Quirky? Me, I am as stable as anyone else who escaped Bellevue.

Well, my day is much better after learning that.

I have nice feet. Except for the pinkies. (Why does nothing happen when I test things out on the template nothing happens?)

You would corrupt a dog? Yes, I suppose you would.

Television is God, never blaspheme it!

Spacey has a web page
I like Eminem a tad myself, but Jackass? Why? Why? Why? Have I asked why enough yet? No. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? The veggie what?

man my neice is adorable. She looks like model.

You are victorious.

No, and I do not play chess or other such things, my mental capacity stops at political commentary. Maybe I'll learn someday.

TLC: "Life Unscripted."

Psycho poems as read by Lance Henriksen and other creepy looking actors whose names I can't remember.

Well, it's a bit late for me to help now.

I still have my front teeth, luckily.

Variety is using a different cheese on your nachos.

The hunger? You sound like some kind of vampire.

Dutch and French. Poirot.

We know I do. So?

Um, that would take me away from responding to you.


Inserted title

You know, or maybe you don't (how could I know in advance), Bill O'Reilly and some others are correct when they say that it is wrong to excuse the behavior of one person because someone else has done something worse, whether or not it is directly related. It is also a red herring. But the concern I have is with knowing when it is appropriate to claim there is hypocrisy in the arguments of others. When it is over may be the most appropriate time, waiting until one would no longer be commiting a red herring, but the media wants to report on news that will get them good ratings. If a disputed issue is no longer of adequate interest to the media, the man that wants to tell the world of the hypocrisy in one of the sides of that issue may be efectively muted ; his recourses are few. Telling his comments as a public speaker at a college, or some such place, where his press coverage might be slim, depending on his stature, is one. Waiting to see if the story will return, or another one in which the contention can be made is another option. But a man might have to do what he might not have wanted to do, commit a possible red herring by taking the first opportunity he gets, at the beginning when it is supposedly improper to do so.


No I do not r/p. I am not fond of having someone choose my chances of winning with dice.


I am still out doing you, as far as babbling goes. You know who you are.

Is indifference a crime?

This is my site

Well, well, Orson Wellesity well, I am new to blogging. I think I heard about it a bit before I started. I hate heavy reading, but my mild browsing has taught me that nearly no one will ever see this. That seems fair since I will probably not read 99.999 % of anyone else's blog unless asked to.

I suppose I have to pay for the pro version to allow people to make their comments, not that I will.


Poor Ardra just needs to show us mortals up. Since I know squat about html, that will not be hard. So now I must hope that one of her many personalities has great affection for me, one that will quell Ardra's evil pride. But I fear her dark might will fell the goodness of all the people of the light. Ha, ha. I love corny crap.

Sandra Bullsomething has yet another movie coming out. Why, I ask you, why?!

Alan Colmes, the supposed liberal side of the Hannity & Colmes duo, refuted the notion that the US military has been weakened by defense cuts and other things that can affect readiness by pointing to the military success in Afghanistan. Which is one of the stupidest verifiers I have ever heard, but Colmes can believe what he wants.

I have to admit that I feel sorry for France. I do not know the history well, but I have heard they were important to our success as a nation. So I assume that, even if now the country is overrun by moral relativists and weaklings, there is still hope. But maybe they are all tough as nails. Hell if I know. All the French bashing is just not for me. No, I am not French. Though, I do wonder about a country whose language uses a great portion of its alphabet for a syllable.

I was watching edumicational tv and heard a poem read. It had the lines "dark, dark" this and "dark, dark," tha" in it; ending with the anti-climatic mention of a mouse being the thing found at the end of the readers' travel from the "dark, dark moor." It had a creepy sounding narrator, too. I watch a lot of tv and can often predict what will come next. I started mocking the poem and mentioned a dark, dark pantry. Shortly came the "dark, dark cupboard." Great is my power. Yes, pantry and cupboard are close enough.

I feel sorry for Trent Lott, but it seems he has more bad or questionable things in his past than is wise to have, which means he has more than the 1980 Reagan Rally to deal with. We will see what happens.

People who say "D'oh" like they are Homer Simpson need to be beaten up, and now.


I wonder what Sam Waterston's politics are.

Have you ever seen pictures of those buildings in countries around Singapore and within said country, those futuristic buildings? Is it me, or would a skyline of these odd shaped, ode to the polygonal buildings look, maybe not ugly, but soulless?

A title

My first blog. Like my first steps, none of you care. Good! Damn, I am tired.

Sean Hannity, I beg you, please stop embarrassing other conservatives and stick to your radio show.

Alan Colmes, you are a wimp.

Phil Donahue, you are just annoying.

As for myself? I am really tired.


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