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You know, or maybe you don't (how could I know in advance), Bill O'Reilly and some others are correct when they say that it is wrong to excuse the behavior of one person because someone else has done something worse, whether or not it is directly related. It is also a red herring. But the concern I have is with knowing when it is appropriate to claim there is hypocrisy in the arguments of others. When it is over may be the most appropriate time, waiting until one would no longer be commiting a red herring, but the media wants to report on news that will get them good ratings. If a disputed issue is no longer of adequate interest to the media, the man that wants to tell the world of the hypocrisy in one of the sides of that issue may be efectively muted ; his recourses are few. Telling his comments as a public speaker at a college, or some such place, where his press coverage might be slim, depending on his stature, is one. Waiting to see if the story will return, or another one in which the contention can be made is another option. But a man might have to do what he might not have wanted to do, commit a possible red herring by taking the first opportunity he gets, at the beginning when it is supposedly improper to do so.


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