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It seems someone thinks this is a contest. And this causes said person to make me have to read every neurotic thing she has posted. I just do not know if this is before or after or during her December 16th, 9:07 pm suggestion. Quirky? Me, I am as stable as anyone else who escaped Bellevue.

Well, my day is much better after learning that.

I have nice feet. Except for the pinkies. (Why does nothing happen when I test things out on the template nothing happens?)

You would corrupt a dog? Yes, I suppose you would.

Television is God, never blaspheme it!

Spacey has a web page
I like Eminem a tad myself, but Jackass? Why? Why? Why? Have I asked why enough yet? No. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? The veggie what?

man my neice is adorable. She looks like model.

You are victorious.

No, and I do not play chess or other such things, my mental capacity stops at political commentary. Maybe I'll learn someday.

TLC: "Life Unscripted."

Psycho poems as read by Lance Henriksen and other creepy looking actors whose names I can't remember.

Well, it's a bit late for me to help now.

I still have my front teeth, luckily.

Variety is using a different cheese on your nachos.

The hunger? You sound like some kind of vampire.

Dutch and French. Poirot.

We know I do. So?

Um, that would take me away from responding to you.


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