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Poor Ardra just needs to show us mortals up. Since I know squat about html, that will not be hard. So now I must hope that one of her many personalities has great affection for me, one that will quell Ardra's evil pride. But I fear her dark might will fell the goodness of all the people of the light. Ha, ha. I love corny crap.

Sandra Bullsomething has yet another movie coming out. Why, I ask you, why?!

Alan Colmes, the supposed liberal side of the Hannity & Colmes duo, refuted the notion that the US military has been weakened by defense cuts and other things that can affect readiness by pointing to the military success in Afghanistan. Which is one of the stupidest verifiers I have ever heard, but Colmes can believe what he wants.

I have to admit that I feel sorry for France. I do not know the history well, but I have heard they were important to our success as a nation. So I assume that, even if now the country is overrun by moral relativists and weaklings, there is still hope. But maybe they are all tough as nails. Hell if I know. All the French bashing is just not for me. No, I am not French. Though, I do wonder about a country whose language uses a great portion of its alphabet for a syllable.

I was watching edumicational tv and heard a poem read. It had the lines "dark, dark" this and "dark, dark," tha" in it; ending with the anti-climatic mention of a mouse being the thing found at the end of the readers' travel from the "dark, dark moor." It had a creepy sounding narrator, too. I watch a lot of tv and can often predict what will come next. I started mocking the poem and mentioned a dark, dark pantry. Shortly came the "dark, dark cupboard." Great is my power. Yes, pantry and cupboard are close enough.

I feel sorry for Trent Lott, but it seems he has more bad or questionable things in his past than is wise to have, which means he has more than the 1980 Reagan Rally to deal with. We will see what happens.

People who say "D'oh" like they are Homer Simpson need to be beaten up, and now.


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