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It has been too long since I ruined the joy of this medium.

Bah, behold my drivel.

But on a side, has anyone else heard about President Bush pushing back the "road map" a few times? I wonder if Arafat's discontent will be used to further delay it.

Well, with pressure being placed on Syria, a purported supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, and with one of the justifications for attacking Saddam's regime being that his pays, however much of the total that is, somewhere around 25k-35k to homicide/suicide bombers' families, Arafat may be inadvertantly giving the US sometime to focus more pressure on Syria. But the statements out of the US seem to be focused mostly on Ba'athist members and whoever else possibly being inside Syria, headed to Damascus, and its alleged not doing enough to prevent supposed groups of various people from surrounding states going through Syria into Iraq, and on supposed chemical weapons testing, and not so much, from what I've noticed, on its alleged support for the earlier mentioned groups (I say alleged though I've not heard any statements disagreeing with the claim Syria supports the groups to be on the safe side).

Aside from the wmd, inadequate border control and regime harboring issues having more pertinence to the clean up of Iraq's "pockets of resistence" and thus being easier to argue as an element of the war/stabilization in Iraq, placing greater pressure on Syria on the Hez/Hamas issue would, it seems to me, be harder to persuade Israel's neighbors that it's not meant to favor Israel, than talking about those matters directly related to Iraq would. Granted, attacking Iraq is seen by some as being for that reason, and any pressuring of Arabs and others of the region may be seen as trying to aid zionism, not sure that can be helped. The map can only be delayed for so long. If Syria were to become the new focus, even with Arafat's actions, I wonder if the Mid-East would take well to it.

Ok, on the fly analysis taken from tv yammering, go ahead and blast it if its way off the mark.

I do not know to what extent Assad's connection with terrorism as it is relates to Palestine is of value to the US, but, since it appears that the US cannot charge him with anything without commiting ex post facto, and that the Oslo accord apparently grants immunity from prosecuting terrorist acts done by Palestinian terrorists or with their backing, or something, it seems the only other recourse the US has to get him to talk about more than just possible homicide/suicide bomber financing, assuming he has ties to more than that, should Assad be hard to crack, is to try to get the Italian government to commute his multiple life sentences to 1 sentence that includes probation, perhaps even further reducing it to a 30 year sentence. My feeling is that the family of the murdered American is not going to like the final outcome.

And at present it seems Israel is more likely to use the attack the state sponsor of terrorism strategy than Pakistan and India is. I'm bothered by the current behavior of Israel. Maybe there is an immediate security need that threatens it, but with the US placing pressure on Syria, Palestine at least seeming to try to install the paliarment others have called for, albeit with Arafat wanting to retain too much power, to hasten the road map, whose submission has been delayed due to bar raising by the US and Britain, I do not see Israel as helping matters. I do not know if the US's allegations against Syria that relate to Iraq are true, but at least they are more connected with Iraq than those of Israel's against Syria. The two nations that are thought by many to be in some kind of conspiracy with each other, and with both shifting some focus toward Syria, that image will be strengthened. America seems to have a greater justification for focusing on Syria, but I don't think Israel is best served by threatening to target Damascus in response to any reemergence of hostilities by the various groups supported by Syria, a threat it seems to have an excuse to make while Palestine tries to get its cabinet set up. Speaking of the cabinet, has anyone heard anything new? I think it would be better for Israel to tone it down and let the US put pressure on Syria by itself.

Sorry, that's Abbas not Assad


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