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I read a column by Chris. Hitchens very recently. It was about how Paul Wolowitz has been misquoted more than once. It is a shame when journalists, and people who just comment, such as myself, can't be true to the principle of sticking to the facts.

I hate the word. It has no power and depth, and its emotionality level is small. It is barely convincing in representing the supposedly true feelings of those who say it. It is weak. It lacks so much yet is said by many. This word I hate is "condemn." I condemn this! Stop telling me you condemn it and put talk like you are really angry and out of patience. Condemn, a weak word leaders say with seeming abandon. Sometimes one word is not enough.


Would you like to know one of the most annoying things about being insulted is? No. tough.

What annoys me is not being insulted out of the blue. Not in the form of a tease, but duing a debate. If I am arguing with someone and not with much thought behind my statements, which generally means I am too emotional, than I try not to let myself be bothered. But I hate being insulted when I am serious. The reason I hate it then is because the insulted can be assumed to be in response to something I said. If I make a fallacy, tell me. Degrading a serious discussion to personal attacks is childish. I think it is fair to expect proof of the stupidity of another. The next time, if it happens, you are trying to talk with someone in an intelligent manner and he insult you, ask him to justify is attack. You may be surprised at how little they can say in defense of themselves.

I wish the Clintons would go away. Not die, just get out of the public square. The only thing I might care about is an essay by the former presidential couple about their beliefs.


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