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According to at least one person I walked by twice (once was to return home) I am cute, fine and pretty, maybe, very pretty. It must be true, because it was said by an 8-11 year old girl.

I don't know if I'm good looking, but I do know I need to walk by older people if I am.

This also happened a few years ago. Though they were teens.

Another lady, a neighbor, mentioned several times that she though my hair was pretty, it hadn't been cut in months. I let her borrow a book. Said she'd return it by the end of last week, but I'd told her she could keep it longer. Hope she's enjoying it. It's the Prince, btw.

It feels creepy. Flattering, but creepy.

I'll stay inside as much as I can. Sooner or later adults wil pelt me like I'm quasimodo while 9 year olds call me cute.


I'm rambling about my looks. I'm so sad.


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