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What a horrible thing to say.

It was earlier in this day, and I was watching the morning show of the Fox News Channel.That they would say someting that appeals to the right wing is unsurprising, that a guest on their program would is no more so, but this is less about them and their not-too-quick condemnation of one guest, but about his callous humor. The guest, whose name I didn't pay much attention to, was a former member of some special ops unit, Green Berets, SeALs, Rangers, I don't remember. Well, he took a swipe at the French. Either for how they're acting in Iraq peace keeping and reconstruction issues, or their challenge to the EU's labelling Hamas as a terrorist group (I agree with those that say Hamas is such a group whether or not they have branches that benefit the Palestinians). His comments I here paraphrase: At least we don't die when it gets over 82 degrees outside. I don't know the reason some 10,000 people, mostly elderly, died; not enough air conditioners; environmental policies; inadequate healthcare; the French people not doing enough for themselves. But I know that using their tragedy in a remark about them because of their government's decisions is sick and vulgar. I didn't stay on the channel long afterwards.


An interesting column.


War Protestors and Hannity & Colmes

Not all of them are, but is it me or does the show more often than not manage to find the dumbest representatives of the anti war movement?

I don't remember all examples, but here's a recent one.

Some guy was on Hannity & Colmes (his name and affiliations I don't remember, I just know he's one of those who would have to defend themselves if the US government decided to go after them for violating sanctions by trying to be human shields in Iraq). My feeling is that it may not be worth it to go after them for it. Looks kind of mean, too. Well, he's mentioning things, most of which I don't remember. The one thing I do remember is his contention that US bombing caused the mass graves. He cited no reports for this, nor did Hannity, the one who brought up the issue, mention the Iraqi uprising in 1991. My point is that there are, if I understand correctly, various graves or places where deceased people were kept. Iranians killed by Iraqis in their war, Iraqis killed by US bombing in the first gulf war, maybe some killed by US bombing in the second gulf war, and whoever Saddam felt he had to (or did for his own amusement. Why weren't distinctions between the graves mentioned by either side in the debate? Hannity, as you might have surmised, is no Socrates either. Behold the power of sound bite arguing.


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