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What a horrible thing to say.

It was earlier in this day, and I was watching the morning show of the Fox News Channel.That they would say someting that appeals to the right wing is unsurprising, that a guest on their program would is no more so, but this is less about them and their not-too-quick condemnation of one guest, but about his callous humor. The guest, whose name I didn't pay much attention to, was a former member of some special ops unit, Green Berets, SeALs, Rangers, I don't remember. Well, he took a swipe at the French. Either for how they're acting in Iraq peace keeping and reconstruction issues, or their challenge to the EU's labelling Hamas as a terrorist group (I agree with those that say Hamas is such a group whether or not they have branches that benefit the Palestinians). His comments I here paraphrase: At least we don't die when it gets over 82 degrees outside. I don't know the reason some 10,000 people, mostly elderly, died; not enough air conditioners; environmental policies; inadequate healthcare; the French people not doing enough for themselves. But I know that using their tragedy in a remark about them because of their government's decisions is sick and vulgar. I didn't stay on the channel long afterwards.


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