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I'm not usually a Bush suck up, and I won't be now, but Bush is partially right. I don't know if the media underreports the good news. But the argument of reporting the bombings to what may be a disproportianate level to that of the good happenings in Iraq because "that's the way news is" is bull crap. The media knows damn well positive images could influence support as negative images do. This isn't some discussion over the poor quality of nursing homes, it's a war. The costs could be quite high if the media influences people in the wrong direction. It may all be profit driven, which goes back to the argument of what consititutes news, but the news media is morally obligated to present things in context. If they don't think the positive stories are good for ratings, they should be upfront and say it. But I'm not buying the notion that this is comparable to run-of-the-mill domestic issues and is therefor covered appropriately if good news is largely ignored.


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