Eff's Rambles (Archive)


It's been a while, and this one's short, sorry.

You know the so-called puppet of the US, the Iraqi Governing Council, the group that speaks ahead of its puppeteer and seems to be playing to its constituents, or trying to gain some/more? Could they shut up for 5 minutes? I know they want to show some independency, but we're trying to have questions answered which, if Saddam has the answers, may accelerate ourr own security. It will be months before Iraq is ready on a respectable level to try Saddam in a fair manner. There will surely be international monitors if the trial is held in Iraq, but it's better that the judicial system be well thought out so as to minimize the chance that the monitors will impede the trial. I do not expect our time with Saddam to be endless, but we may need the information he may have and soon. Some of these varying time tables some in the IGC claim or suggest do not help us in getting our questions resolved. Iraq, or someone will get Saddam, but not in the next 5 minutes. Please stop playing to your base, IGC. You deserve justice, and so do we. Please shut up.


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