Eff's Rambles (Archive)


Nader is running.

Good. I hope he runs till he's dead. I hope his corpse runs. Stop whing over him splitting votes. If th Dem leaders can't convince their far lefties to stay put and the independents to vote Dem, tough shit. Boo hoo, leave Chevelle boy and his "ego" alone. Run, Nader! Run like the win!

Also, Mr. "I don't want to make an issue of Bush's service" Kerry, wants to debate Vietnam. Ok? Well, anyways, my take on it is he at least went back, even if he did miss a few months. Some guys never did anything. Who knows how many just got stoned in Canada. Now, missing time and then askuing for early leave, even if he did make up some of the lost time, that bothers me some. Well, at least it was for business school. Maybe I'm being too easy on Bush.

What the hell is so charasmatic about Edwards?

I predict Kerry will technically crush Edwards in the debate, not that it'll beat Johny boy's "charm" among the public. I'm reminded of an episode of This Week where George Stephonopolous asked a Democratic voter about Kerry's campaign performance and the woman looked like she was about to cry over how long his answers are. I actually wanted to punch her. Sorry, but I did. I hate melodrama.


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