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Fostering the "ugly American."

Most fair people strive to be as objective as they can. Each issue put before them is carefully thought over or cast aside when a person cannot cope, and he would rightly admit to his inability to assess a given matter as soon as realizes it.

But it is hard to separate collective complaints and review each problem objectively when you are a part of the entity toward whom the complaints are focused.

While it may be that most of the discontented are correct per issue, the volume of negativity seems to dwarf what there is that is positive, which often seems to be praise for our founding principles.

The Americans are responsible for this:

Seldom is heard an encouraging word in the list perhaps most would make.

No one wants to be ugly; speak thoughts from a narrow mind. But there comes a point when, no matter how right the complaints, the barrage of them breaks down civil tolerance and leads one to ask, or beg, that it would just stop. I am near to that point.

Again and again, America has done something wrong; ranging from supporting despots to exporting its supposedly "wretched culture."
And again and again these wrongs are followed with little commendation, if arguably appropriate, and context in the name of fairness.

I may become complacent on the complaints, and it would not be a good thing if most people do also. Continue the imbalance and see the inevitability of taking that path toward indifference.


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