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I emphasize with the Spanish people's sadness and anger over becoming targets of terrorist attacks and the death of 11 of their soldiers in Iraq, seemingly in response to their governments involvement in in the war in Iraq, but, changing to the Socialist party, with whatever "superior" strategies they may inact, is unsettling. Not because they aren't the better party, I do not know which part is best for Spain, but because the terrible attacks could have befallen the Spanish people for even minor involvement in Afghanistan alone. Spain could be even attacked as nothing more than a target of opportunity. Greater involvement with American policy will further endanger the Spanish, that is true, though it may benefit them as well by improving standing with an economic powerhouse and give some satisfaction in helping to weaken the capacity for even worse attacks, one hopes, by taking the fight to the terrorists, but these questions will be wondered by many Americans, such as myself: Will the Spanish people vote out any party if their country is hit for any reason? And, can we Americans count on the Spanish as a dependable ally?
The appearance the people of Spain have given is that we Americans cannot count on them, and that won't change significantly by showing involvement in the diplomatic and police actions in the war on terrorism, or by increasing them.


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