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Normally I'm a rather civil person, rarely, if ever, using crass language in my commentaries, but this time will be an exception. For today I express my disdain for those annoying musical bastards represented by groups such as Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.

Why do I hate these bands?

Well, these twirps are certainly annoying with their dyed green, spiked hair appearance. Wannabe punkers. And the mean and sexy girlfriend themes, as well as the socialistically based commentary, is predictable as hell. But what makes them reek is the torturousness of their heartless lead singers who've not the kindness of heart to know they pollute the harmony of the musical world.

These whiny, nasally singers some how appeal to people. Damn it, how can anyone listen to that punk from Linkin' Park scream 'crawling in my skin' like a demented elf? Yes, even these bands and those like them are capable of good songs. But the power of their whasaliness (whiny+nasally) can be overwhelming.

What, the songs have a message?

Screw their message. I'll read poetry for messages, I want harmony. I like Jpop largely because I can't understand it. 3-5 minute rants about mean ex-girlfriends and how evil corporations are; too cool! Yes, those are not all they sing about, I presume, but those sure seems to be most of what's song about. That or angst. 'I'm mad, now let me sing about it, make millions and sing some more about it.'

I was annoyed by too many rock singers using deep voices that made them sound generic, but these whasally singers far surpass them. They, at least, don't come close to making me want to twitch.

Please shut the fuck up.


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