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New understandings.

Lately my mind has been jogging, well, stumbling. Perceptions I have had are becoming more lateral, but my beliefs on what is right and wrong have not become totally abandoned. I have begun to see values that I had not before.
There are times when the values of some assumptions are lost because those giving them are disliked by the other participants in a debate. But espousers of these assumption are also at times ignored because, no matter how accurate their claims, when they are predicated on animosity their validity become suspicious. Herein comes the label of being niave. To those making assumptions about the guilt of a person, the true intent of a person, the refusal to accept the truth that reasoning must lead a person to is frustrating for them, thus to them those not agreeing with them are naive. Where I am going with this is my change from considering the naive label as mostly a condescending term to a possible attempt at finding common ground from which to move a debate forward. While their basis may still be hate first and foremost, perhaps it is stubborness on the part of others to draw conclusions that is the real fallacy, not so much the seeming ad hominem of the labeler. When does fairness go too far and into being just stubborn, or outright stupid? And, of course, to dismiss the claims of other because you disliked their presentation, is itself premising an assumption from negativity you feel toward them. But you are not obligated to believe for the sake of avoiding labels which may be a misnomer, depending on the circumstance.
Sound ideas are immortal. As wise now as when they were first stated. While some of them may not pertain to the present in every detail, their basic principles last in value. At least I would presume that. But now I have begun to see a value in originality. Ideas spoken before with little deviation from one repeat of themselves through time can come from careful study, cursory observation, or perhaps plain genius, where an idea seems to come from no material nor tutoring. Whereever they come from, they are not weaker by it. Though some processes are more impressive than others. But originality of reasoning and ideas gives a sense of worth, of place that old conclusions, no matter how brilliantly one comes to them, cannot match. Originality is valuable for its fleeting uniqueness. It puts one on top of the world of thinkers for a brief time until his name is forgotten and people hear his ideas repeated a thousand times over by others over the centuries to the point that the brilliance of his idea when it was first stated becomes lost due to its constant repetition. It becomes obvious to others and no longer as groundbreaking as it was. But that is not guaranteed to happen. It is a presumption
of mine of human behavior. Original ideas are not great automatically, but they do give a tremendous sense of worth.


  • you deserve so much more than what this life has so far offered up to you.

    sorry, unrelated, but it's what I was left thinking.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/21/2004 08:46:00 AM  

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