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On the subject of debates. (Ranting)

Maybe it is just me, but I am tired of red herrings, specious and spurious, generally fallacious, logic and their too frequent use. Imperfect logic is natural, I would presume. I am not an expert on it. But it seems to me it ought not take much knowledge of fair applications of logic to understand if a negative charge against somone is predicated on hate more than on even modest standards of reasonable doubt. I am tired of people in debates making several good contentions, with supporting statistics (yes, not all of them give statistics, but that is not a major beef of mine, unless finding a statistic on my own proves elusive), then degenerating the debate down into personal attacks with the bases thereof being either specious or so poorly defined that observers are left confused, unable to understand the debater's reasoning. The generalised definition of objective fairness might help the tone. Yes, I am hypocritical on these complaints to varying degrees. I acknowledge and accept it. I shall not ask anyone to look beyond what irritation that might cause them and judge my opinion outside of it. I might not be denied that right or privilege on the grounds of hypocrisy, but I choose now, at least, not to pursue it. But I do hope if other, highly credible people speak a like opinion on this subject, many will listen. I hope that less and less debates are predicated on hate.


  • Ignorance and naivete are not exclusive to the "under educated." Mistakes are natural. But when one is driven by hatred, the understandability of his errors lessons, sometimes dramatically.

    By Blogger Eff, at 9/22/2004 11:14:00 AM  

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