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Imagination, and unoriginal bastards.

As hard as this is, no, should, be to believe, I do have an imagination, which pretty much just emulates every over done Anime with uber characters in existence. But, still, I have one. I created two imaginary characters, one was created much earlier.

The newer character was, for a short time, considered by me for a story, but it never went anywhere, especially since I have no idea of what I'm doing.

What I am getting at here is that I like my newer character better, but because he is more human. The older character was so powerful that I claimed he could freely enter Heaven and Hell, destroy most gods and "never" die. I like to think the newer character is more mature as a concept, which hopefully reflects me in a way. Of course, like most people, I guess this how most people are, I am drawn to the anti hero. 4 out of 5 doctors like Bat Man better than Super Man. There is an advantage to the super guy that can beat up everyone, you at least know there's going to be an ass kicking, unless it's of the versions of Spider Man I've seen, he gets a hernia from everything, just about.

Now to the bastards segment of this blog post.

I like Jet and I think Franz Ferdinand is ok, but, regarding them and one other video trick, stop doing it, please. Jet has some new song out which I at first thought ripped of Keane's soomewhere song video, but then I realized it is closer to to Train's damn Angel song. Naturally, the singing in water tick, the other video trick I was referring to, must be copied, a lot. Franz and Modest Mouse both use old late 19th and early 20th century images in a video of each's, so expect to see an old bike shop ad with the characters in it singing underwater with a forest background.


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