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Interpret these, if possible.

I am omitting somethings, and I cannot quite remember the order of some of the events, but, here are some parts of dreams I have recently had, within the last three days.

A man being executed by decompression in an airlock, but, being immortal, reforming and reanimating yet not dying again instantly.
A woman trying to push the man back into the airlock not being effected by it even though I do not recall sensing she was immortal, and her upper body was well inside it for a few seconds.
A force field that was apparently ineffective to keep the man confined in the air lock.
The man escaping and breaking the neck of one of the observers.

Next up, and this is much more edited.

I find a secret entrance.
I do not know to what.
I leave it at some point.
Seemingly not from where I came in.
I get lost.
I am following someone who's trying to help me when he hears of a problem ahead.
I end up having to run after him.
We come upon a flattened red car.
There's a werewolf around.
I can't remember the next parts clearly.
Finally, there are injured people around and a corpse floating on a wet street.
I thought it was me at first, but I am not sure of that, as the body type, as best as I can remember it, was thinner than mine, he was also shirtless.


  • The first dream is relatively easy to interpret.

    1. The man represents a belief system or in broader terms, a resolve. It is immortal and despite the many times you kill it, it springs to life again. Such is the way with ideologies.

    2. The method of execution, decompression in an airlock, is significant because it represents an attempt to totally isolate and deprive the individual of all life giving sustenance.

    3. The woman is interesting for several reasons. Females are identified as being nurturing, caring and typically wanting the best for their children. They push their children towards the right path and can be insistent at times when they believe that they know what is best.

    She was not affected by the effects of the decompression chamber, which indicates that she is somehow protected from the initial direct harm.

    4. The fact that a force field was even in place leads me to believe that the man's escape was anticipated. That it was ineffectual in containing the man demonstrates that the ideology is stronger than strategic and tactical planning.

    5. The man escaping and breaking the neck of one of the observers shows his rage towards the one that was apathetic to his situation and did nothing to stop the execution attempt.

    In summation, your dream played out the current war against 'terrorism'. The man represents the ideology, that despite the number killed, will never die and the woman is the USA attempting to force this execution upon the man. Relentlessly trying to force the execution despite of the dangers that it poses to their own survival and well being. The observer that was killed, I believe, represents the muslim majority that stand by and do nothing to prevent the US from doing this.

    By Blogger Misti, at 6/24/2005 07:23:00 PM  

  • Possibly, but whether it represents specifically what you theorize, I do not know. I do not think daily with great consideration at that, about the war on terror. It might affect me on some level, but I feel relatively indifferent, for lack of a better description, toward the issue.

    Perhaps you are projecting some.

    By Blogger Eff, at 6/25/2005 04:02:00 AM  

  • You are right, I did project and presume several things. Strip away the summation and perhaps the food for thought will be easier to swallow and digest. :)

    By Blogger Misti, at 6/25/2005 04:07:00 PM  

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