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Reasonably irrational

Nice title, is it not?

Well, I had been intending to post something about my reasoning on some issues, which I am presently doing but am not giving it much thought. So, with the care of a sociopath, a sampling of how I reason on issues, most notably those of war or any major decisions that affect lives dramatically.

First, I must admit that I often do not have the time to look up facts and cross reference them. I might be innacurate on myriad issues. With that said some of my rules.

  • I do not hate people, so I do not presume an alternative is made better by the weakness I see in what is present.
  • I do not presume to know things. This is because I am aware of my ignorance, and how it is more likely to expand than narrow.
  • I rarely presume intent. I am much more inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • I sometimes dislike statistical arguments. This is because I am concerned that such arguments can be used to erode rights of people.
  • Even if I agree with the motive of a person making a fallacy, I do not care for it. This is not to say I advocate some absolutist degree of reasoning, but some effort to be fair and sound should be made. Still, I would find it difficult to go against my moral beliefs even if I concluded it would be a mistake for me to act in favor of them.
  • I tend to favor capacity over theory. One may claim what they want, but if alternatives seem incapable, I am inclined to stay with the status quo.
  • Natural occurences, though they might be more deadly, are not equivalent to those events with clear evil intent. This goes into arguments about priorities, probability and so on. While something might be less probable, presumably based on it being less frequent than what it is compared to, it is the nature of the events, the degree of evil behind them, the toll they have on the soul of a people and their nation which influences me most.

If I think of anymore, I will likely be too lazy to bother with it.


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