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True self?

Recently I have begun to wonder about the value of dreams, those often peculiar movies of the mind that many of us have.

Dreams are, supposedly, a window into ourselves. They might validate what most know about us; reveal hidden truths. They reveal ourselves to ourselves. But I am not so sure that this is true, or as true as seems to be implied or implicitly stated.

When we day dream, where we are the directors, we might twist the truth of our character in many ways. In these directed dreams we become more or less than who we our. But, what I have found in contemplation of my own day dreams is that my personal issues still come out, making me the beggar and the hero in the same fantasy.

Perhaps most of these kinds of dreams reflect egoism in ourselves than more than anything else, but they are, so it seems, less vague, more coherent, and, because of that, more valuable.

It is difficult to interpret dreams, especially when elements and order confound what is rationale.

I know I have said nothing new, but that is okay. Dreams, I know feel, reveal portions of us. But dreams of the day, the directed ones, reveal more of us. I do not know how much.


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