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California's comparitive power.
Minimal tie: Texas + Illinois or Pennsyvania
Minimal surpass: Texas and Florida
Maximum to tie: all states with 3 (Alaska, Delaware, D.C., which is not a state, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming) and 4 (Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island) EVs, 8 and 5 respectively, and one 5 ( Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and West Virgnia) and one 6 (Arkansas, Kansas and Mississippi) EV state.
Maximum to surpass: Same as the maximum to tie accept the one 5 and one 6 EV states are replaced by 3 5 EV states.

Illinois (mid of country) and Pennsyvania (north east of country) lean Democrat. Texas (mid south) leans Republican.

Florida (south east) is a swing state.

Alaska (north west) leans Republican. Delaware Leans Democrat. D.C. (east) leans Democrat. Montana (north west) leans Republican. Both Dakotas ( mid north) lean Republican. Vermont (north east) leans Democrat. Wyoming (north west) leans Republican.
Hawaii (south west) leans Democrat. Idaho (north west) leans Republican. Maine (north east) leans Democrat. New Hamphire (north east) leans Democrat. Rhode Island (north east) leans Democrat.
Nebraska (mid country) leans Republican. Nevada (west) is a swing state. My basis for these is not very scientific, so these are contestable. New Mexico (south west) is Democratic. Utah (west) Is Republican. West Virginia (east) leans Democrat..
Arkansas leans (mid south) leans Democrat. Kansas (mid country) leans Republican. Mississippi (mid south) leans Republican.

Mid counry: 2:1 for Republicans.
North East: Democrat sweep.
Mid south 1:1
South east: 1 swing.
North west: Republican sweep.
East: Democrat sweep.
Mid north: Republican sweep.
South west: Democrat sweep.
West: Republican and 1 swing

California is a Democrat state. So here is some look at Republican balancing and surpassing of Cali's power.
Mid country gives Republicans 11 EV
Mid south gives them 34
North west gives them 10
Mid north gives them 6
West gives them 5.

If Republicans did not do well in the north west, near California, too, they would be severely weakened.

Or so it appears.


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