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Evil? Take sides?

The effecting question is not who is more evil; whose argument is more just; whose actions are more appropriate. What matters most is which side benefits society more by a win if a draw is unfeasible. I do not focus much on every given tactic of a terrorist, whether that is a label applied to a Muslim man or George W. Bush, etc., accept in extreme cases. Faults abound, but alternatives to the supposed evils of the weak and the powerful are nothing without cause to believe in the people who must join in these "peaceful" alternatives. If I am to abandon one side for another, or to pick a side, I need to be convinced of there is strong resolve in it, and that it has the capacity to do what it promises.

People can argue about propaganda, fear mongering, and so on, but to little avail. And precedent often trumps moral and statistical comparisons. That many died in act act that cannot be accepted is what gets the greater attention and always will. In part it is due to the difficulty one has in seeing his own faults, but it is also our nature to be selectively sympathetic. Conspiracy theories, presumptions, character attacks and condesending behavior does not persuade me much, even if they are right.


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