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Observing Bullies

I have noticed, and I do not believe I am the only one, that bullies have a flawed understanding of what maturity is, as well as what words actually mean.

To the deluded mind of the bully, stupid is synonymous with ignorant.

In relation to the above, they also seem to think that anything they believe to be common knowledge must be, in fact, common knowledge, therefor if you do not know what they do, you must be an idiot because you would have to be pretty stupid to not to know the equivalent of what they do, to whatever level their knowledge extends. I suppose it is rather humbling that they do not think they know more general information than the those whom they insult.

And remember the rule of maturity: After you belittle someone, tell them to get over it. Because hypocrisy in civility is no where near as bad as defending yourself or seking revenge. Maturity asks you why you cannot take a joke. And the answer is because you are too stupid to understand that you should get over being abused and drop silly notions of punishment and revenge. Don't forget, you moron, that it is not a good move to try to talk out your disagreements, because only wimps do that, and you don't want to be a stupid wimp, do you? Well, too late! You are a pansy! Now let's have a laugh while I stomp your privates and spit in your face.


Winning is all that matters

It's true, when one think about it. What needs to be done is to be flexible about what winning is, and think of the victories now and then not as being in conflict with each other, as they might be, but as complimenting each other. Losing can be a victory. Winning can be costly. It's all about hedging one's bets. If need be, consideration of changes to one's goals may be necessary. Pragmatism, rationalism, these things help to understand that neither war mongering or pacifism are the answer. It's a cold, perhaps Machiavellian way of seeing things. But perfection is impossible, and choices can be very limited. Few seem suicidal for their principles. If winning means death or a thousand gifts of love, fine, so long as the goal is being sought in the best way possible, and who is to say what that is? Hopefully, the goals of others agree with mine.



Well, after a millenia, MSN messenger finally allows for invisible sign-ins. I do not know yet if one can remain invisible and converse with a contact or must change from invisible to visible in order to be able to chat with a contact.

It looks like more people can avoid their "friends" or not further delay their "busy" schedules.

It seems Yahoo is the best for that.


Now fear this

I must admit to a great deal of foolishness, but often I see things through their interest to me and how they serve it.

I take it as a truth that we are moved to another's will through fear, and that this is a method used by governments and media, sometimes in accordance with each other.

But, with all that I am accepting of, I still cannot doubt less that I do not know. When, where and how something is exaggerated, though all evidence may direct a rational man to know, I do not, or at least do but think that it is what must be.

For all the supposed lies there still exists the capacity to know, one far exceeding my own. Am I so certain of what they are, or do I merely predicate from hate?

If they are wrong, can they help us survive? Does theory save?

It is true that dissent can reveal a truth, but so, too, is it a possible truth that opposing voices speak with a propagandizing tongue as they accuse leaders of doing the same.

I would prefer not to, but I have little faith in any of them, so by capacity I must side, and those in power have it, dissenters and doubters do not.



Still, it is the wrong sex.

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  • Congrats all the same.


    Worse for the psyche?

    One of the arguments against how the "war" on terrorism is being handled I have seen is that we spend too much of our focus on terrorism when there are worse statistically deadly matters, such as earthquakes and car accidents. But that does not surprise me. I think it is because, as I believe, those other events, being usually without malice of intent, spawn sadness more than hate. Acts of violence are willful and mallicious. They give rise to anger more than sadness, and anger is harder to cope with. The forces behind them are known and might let their intent to be known. Forces behind natural occurrences are conceptual. And acts of violence are feared; they have known intent of mallicious harm behind them. The difference in nature and motive might be irrelevant, even false, to some logicians, but they are of great importance to me.

    Is it necessary to down play one issue to protest the inadequacy of concern for the other?


    Officially Speaking

    Happy Birthday!


    There's something enticing about violence. Something perversely lovely about it. Not for its sake is it so, but for what it may represent. For me, I can think of nothing so honest an expression of love as the willingness to act as an animal and bring down all enemies in the name of one whom you find so lovely; so necessary. The violence matches your passion. All dying if must be. That is loyalty to a faulting degree, and therefor the most sincere. So the ugly become beautiful by their act to destroy and create more of it to protect the beautiful. And their selfs wither by their acts as the attractive look on with appreciation or horror. But it matters little, for they are alive, and that is all the beasts could ask of them.

    Living upto

    It never seems to flow right, but what does that matter? What ever does? Still, on intelligence I am thinking; of my own, and others. I am thinking of what I am to it, and what others are. But more so of what I am not and would prefer to be. Can one be inately brilliant; understand so little yet stand above giants? Does that hallmark intelligence? Thoughts deriving only from the mind. Of limited scope it is, and yet still surpassing when isolated to just one element, aspect, particle of something grander. So complex is it that he who trekked falls and sees only the cold hand of envy pushing him down again. And the wish to not be considered in anyway so well, as others have, surpasses him more greatly than did his own actions against his expectations of what he could do in that large, vast field of geniuses. And idiocy increases unwantingly. Not bliss, but shame.

    Fascinating, no, not really nor ever.


    Happy Pre Birthday

    You know who you are and you know I love you almost as much I love the delusion that I am right most of the time. Have a good one.


    So I lied

    To whomever: I feel bored, tired, dejected, abandoned and hopeless, angry, irritable, et al. Yes, I admit it, now leave me alone, unless you have a sexy picture of an attractive adult human female to show me, then I might reconsider. Or an interesting link.

    I'd like to gouge my eyes out. I don't want to die or hurt myself, my eyes just bug me.

    Soon I'll be spending time doing something I have to which I hate, and I'm not saying what that is. I just don't want to do it. It should take several hours and make me sick/ sicker.

    God damn it, why is it so hard to find things?!

    Stupid government.


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