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Living upto

It never seems to flow right, but what does that matter? What ever does? Still, on intelligence I am thinking; of my own, and others. I am thinking of what I am to it, and what others are. But more so of what I am not and would prefer to be. Can one be inately brilliant; understand so little yet stand above giants? Does that hallmark intelligence? Thoughts deriving only from the mind. Of limited scope it is, and yet still surpassing when isolated to just one element, aspect, particle of something grander. So complex is it that he who trekked falls and sees only the cold hand of envy pushing him down again. And the wish to not be considered in anyway so well, as others have, surpasses him more greatly than did his own actions against his expectations of what he could do in that large, vast field of geniuses. And idiocy increases unwantingly. Not bliss, but shame.

Fascinating, no, not really nor ever.


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