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Now fear this

I must admit to a great deal of foolishness, but often I see things through their interest to me and how they serve it.

I take it as a truth that we are moved to another's will through fear, and that this is a method used by governments and media, sometimes in accordance with each other.

But, with all that I am accepting of, I still cannot doubt less that I do not know. When, where and how something is exaggerated, though all evidence may direct a rational man to know, I do not, or at least do but think that it is what must be.

For all the supposed lies there still exists the capacity to know, one far exceeding my own. Am I so certain of what they are, or do I merely predicate from hate?

If they are wrong, can they help us survive? Does theory save?

It is true that dissent can reveal a truth, but so, too, is it a possible truth that opposing voices speak with a propagandizing tongue as they accuse leaders of doing the same.

I would prefer not to, but I have little faith in any of them, so by capacity I must side, and those in power have it, dissenters and doubters do not.


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