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Observing Bullies

I have noticed, and I do not believe I am the only one, that bullies have a flawed understanding of what maturity is, as well as what words actually mean.

To the deluded mind of the bully, stupid is synonymous with ignorant.

In relation to the above, they also seem to think that anything they believe to be common knowledge must be, in fact, common knowledge, therefor if you do not know what they do, you must be an idiot because you would have to be pretty stupid to not to know the equivalent of what they do, to whatever level their knowledge extends. I suppose it is rather humbling that they do not think they know more general information than the those whom they insult.

And remember the rule of maturity: After you belittle someone, tell them to get over it. Because hypocrisy in civility is no where near as bad as defending yourself or seking revenge. Maturity asks you why you cannot take a joke. And the answer is because you are too stupid to understand that you should get over being abused and drop silly notions of punishment and revenge. Don't forget, you moron, that it is not a good move to try to talk out your disagreements, because only wimps do that, and you don't want to be a stupid wimp, do you? Well, too late! You are a pansy! Now let's have a laugh while I stomp your privates and spit in your face.


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