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Winning is all that matters

It's true, when one think about it. What needs to be done is to be flexible about what winning is, and think of the victories now and then not as being in conflict with each other, as they might be, but as complimenting each other. Losing can be a victory. Winning can be costly. It's all about hedging one's bets. If need be, consideration of changes to one's goals may be necessary. Pragmatism, rationalism, these things help to understand that neither war mongering or pacifism are the answer. It's a cold, perhaps Machiavellian way of seeing things. But perfection is impossible, and choices can be very limited. Few seem suicidal for their principles. If winning means death or a thousand gifts of love, fine, so long as the goal is being sought in the best way possible, and who is to say what that is? Hopefully, the goals of others agree with mine.


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