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Worse for the psyche?

One of the arguments against how the "war" on terrorism is being handled I have seen is that we spend too much of our focus on terrorism when there are worse statistically deadly matters, such as earthquakes and car accidents. But that does not surprise me. I think it is because, as I believe, those other events, being usually without malice of intent, spawn sadness more than hate. Acts of violence are willful and mallicious. They give rise to anger more than sadness, and anger is harder to cope with. The forces behind them are known and might let their intent to be known. Forces behind natural occurrences are conceptual. And acts of violence are feared; they have known intent of mallicious harm behind them. The difference in nature and motive might be irrelevant, even false, to some logicians, but they are of great importance to me.

Is it necessary to down play one issue to protest the inadequacy of concern for the other?


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