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Firearms 2

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Earlier today I was told that what I need to understand about the gun control debate comes from understanding the effects of deaths by gun misuse on children. I was told that I need to investigate such tragedies. The implication being, that if I understood on that level, I would be an advocate for stricter gun control. Such a presumption is wrong. I submit that my own presumption of myself is as valid as those which anyone else make of me.

My view on guns comes from a belief in the right of self defense against intended harm and the capacity of guns vs. all other lesser tools/weapons to meet the needs of that right.

While it is terrible that many die because of gun use, it does not supersede a right of self defense, the necessity of which is situational and can therefor not be disproven. Nor can the effectiveness of guns in the practice of self defense be disproven. In both cases, there is a human element to consider.

Gun ownership should have some restrictions. But what kind is another debate.

It was also suggested that homes with children should not have guns in them, but that is unfair. In the first place, because it would take a round about way to attempting automatic mass gun banishment, and in the second place, because, instead of restrictions based on personal competence, or proof of a lack of it, it is a restriction that presupposes incompetence. Again, we return to the human element. In order to accept the application of a statistic on the dangers of gun ownership in homes with children, it must first be accepted that those human elements which largely contribute to disrespecting those dangers are inherent and unavoidable. I do not accept those as universal constants.


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