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This is a small blog. I do not intend for it to be of any great value to anyone but myself and a few friends who I hope find something I have to say interesting or at least temporarily amusing. While the recognition of some of the larger blogs would be nice to have, were anyone of note to find this blog worthy of it, I do not think I would enjoy it for long. Eventually, the pressure to perform would overwhelm me. It would, indeed, come all too early if I had such popularity. Still, I wonder where all the words I put here will go. Suppose I never delete this blog and barely keep it afloat, will any part of it ever be used by a class on internet culture in some school? Will I have professors laughing at me or intrigued by me? Should hobby blogs such as mine ever really be considered as an alternative source of information? I can't compare to most bloggers, and that's a good thing in the end. I prefer to keep some anonymity. I like being vague; speaking generally.

For those of us whom spout on things we know little about, I hope our influence is nill.


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