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Bullies 2

I remember that it was many years ago, I couldn't have been older than thirteen. There was a kid that I would never treat badly. One day I did. I think I tried to apologise, but I am not sure how good of an attempt I made that day. I don't know what happened to him, but I am sure we did not part with him thinking as well of me as I would have liked. If I ever remember his full name, I should like to apologise if I can find him. Well, that is in the past and I do not know how much I should wonder about it, what I did. Have I done enough of that? And do I really want to talk to him about it? I'm not sure if I should let it go. I tend to think often about the things I regret.

Some take bullying seriously, speaking sincerely about how wrong it is, and try to find solutions to the problem. The solutions vary. But some are dismissive. Some put it all down to a natural part of life which people over react to.

Well, to those who dismiss the importance of talking with bullies and their victims; to those who presume most instances of bullying are exaggerated in degree and impact, no matter who you are, you are a fucking sack of shit.

People have died, felt isolated, driven to terrible acts and the possible commission of violence toward those whom wronged them in no way (the innocent, undeniably), because the seriousness of this issue was downplayed. You chose to treat it as a small issue. How dare you. From the parents of bullies and their victims, to the peers of both, any of you that could have spoken up, could have helped any of them, and did not try, and even encouraged becasue of an imbecilic belief that it is ok, you are scum and should feel the greatest level of shame. As a whole, I have little sympathy and empathy for any of you.

Not everyone will grow stronger, bolder and more outward. Life need not be made harder by cruelty.

Do your jobs and help these kids and yourselves.


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