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That the ego might be correct is not the point.

I do not know when and where it began, and I do not know from what group or person it was first uttered, but there is an old media mantra about its perceived responsibilities.

Groups, persons, each often seem to think of themselves as having certain responsibilities. Many would agree with either on what they think should do. But sometimes we can go too far.

What is it when we do? It is arrogance. It is when we go past seeking the truth and trying to speak it, to believing only we can see it and know it. It is when we see ourselves as the hero and see villains, real or imagined, that we risk the great fortune of being heros and the terrible embarrassment of irresponsible unfairness in our effort to hold it to account.

I do not know when this began with the media. Maybe it was with Franklin, or during the Vietnam era, but, while there is some good that can come from a watchdog attitude, it is important not to be corrupted by self importance. And proclaiming themselves in a heroic fashion may be evidence that the consequence of arrogance is short at hand.


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