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Newsweek and applying the premises.

Believe it or not, I do not have a desire to attack or blame Newsweek for the deaths that occured as a supposed excerbation that their apparently unverified story is alleged to have caused, but I cannot let stand the fallacy of at least twi premises used to attack the Bush Administration, not because I am in their camp, but because they are fundementally unfair.

First, neither a commentator nor average person is a court of law, so to apply the reasoning that violations have occured before so it is reasonable that it will occur again is to imply guilt without proof of the specific crime, allegations and past incidents are not proof, is wrong.

And that relates to the broader premise of the Bush administration is bad, so the charges mentioned in the Newsweek story must be true.

If you hate someone, and they did it before, why could they not have done it now?

It is not a matter of what could have been done but what was actually done. No amount of patterns without concrete relation to the incident in question will prove the Administration is at fault for this, let alone that it (the flushing of the Koran) even occured.


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