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What's important to you? What should be?

I ask those questions because a trend has developed, not a new one, I believe, in challenging partisan hijacking of elections and the officials elected from them.

Though it might be equal on both sides, I have noticed it as more prevalent on the moderate and left sides.

And what is being done is to define the issues of the various conservative groups as unimportant in comparison to the issues which are in the self interest of everyone, which one presumes are best handled under Democratic leadership. But some see it as a good strategy to seek less to marginalize the "less important" issues and more to incorporate them into the party platform in a way that is ideologically consistent while being appealing to a broad cross section.

I find the first part of this tactic offensive. I don't agree with every conservative criterion for what makes a person and party elected, but nor do I like to be told that my issues, if they are not economic or likely to have a direct impact on my life, are unimportant. It's my right to choose my own issues, even if they don't compare in importance to some one else's standards. I'm not saying my issues must be the most important to everyone else, but they are to me, and that's what matters most. Other's are entitled to their opinions, but there dislike of one of my issues won't make me drop it.


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