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Pedophiliac Obsessiveness.

I wonder, and this is not a deep thought but, perhaps, a question with a complicated answer, how obsessed can a person?

Based upon the speculation I have heard about the case against Joseph Edward Duncan III, it would seem he likely put the children through some or all of the following.

  • The witnessing of the subjugation of family and friends (in the case of the boyfriend of their mother).
  • The fear in each.
  • The murder of all three.
  • The brutalizing of themselves, witnessing each other's horror.
  • Seeing the other die.
  • Being helpless throughout all of it.

If Mr Duncan is guilty of these 3, likely 4 murders, and the motive turns out to be obliging his own perverted satisfaction, he would revile the man that apparently beat his own daughter and someone else's daughter to death over, as I understand it, some curfew violations and a few petty acts. I think he might have accused the daughter of stealng from her mother's purse. I don't remember enough details about the case to really go searching for it.

Shasta Groene is probably scarred badly by all of this, and her father is left with a terrible burden. I would not be surprised if she has nightmares about something terrible happening to him; goodness forbid that ever to happen. Both have issues to face and wounds that might not heal to where they can live in "relative" comfort. I would not know how I could handle it.

I saw some of the surveillance footage of Shasta with Mr. Duncan. She looks so small. Truly a sickening situation and horrific ordeal for the innocents involved.


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