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As the handful of readers of this blog may know, I have a go stats counter at the bottom of the page.

Satrting today and at the beginning of each month, or not long thereafter, I shall give select data from my GoStats account for this blog. I have much of it protected now, though I might open up some information later.

  • Under the attendance summary I have had 114 hosts with 120 visitors and 178 sessions in 30 days.
  • My page rank is 165 under the category of Government & society.
  • I am ahead of and below these pages respectively, http://iamjacksrestlessthoughts.blogspot.com/ http://www.valparaisofire.org/
  • The search word hits that most often brought up this blog are:
    Words/ Count
    and /2 (3.92%) Same for the rest.
    moral /war
  • Under search phrases (also with equal results for each):
    Phrases /Count
    moral reasoning to end iraq war/ 1 (25.00%)
    "i have nice feet"
    monstercow video
  • Under Page Popularity the top pages are mostly the home page or the older url or blogger in general. So here are the top 3 pages beyond the home page:
    Pages/ Count

effsrambles.blogspot.com/2005/06/what-is-liar.html /18 (2.61%)
my_rambles.blogspot.com/2004/11/re-war-and-moralconsistency.html /16 (2.32%)
effsrambles.blogspot.com/2005/04/you-do-not-understand-pain-because-you.html /12 (1.74%)

  • A majority of people do not go past the first page, almost 73 % choose not to.
  • A slim majority spend 4 minutes on the blog (est).
  • The longest time spent here, by a minority, is 46 minutes.
  • Finally, the top 5 nations represented by visitors are:
    Country/ Count

United States/ 144 (53.14%)
Greece/ 23 (8.49%)
Canada/ 20 (7.38%)
Australia/ 17 (6.27%)
New Zealand/ 12 (4.43%)


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