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It's not that I'm particularly prolific, but I do feel as if the ideas have been sapped from me. I don't think it's a case of saying everything I can say, but of saying everything again, even if in a slightly altered form. I suppose there are only so many ways a person who couldn't score better than slightly above average on some logic tests, or parts therein, can arrogantly tell people they are being fallacious in their reasoning.

I think, though, that what motivates me more isn't pure logic, rationality, or at least the most reasonable use of emotions in any kind of determination, but fairness. I hate presumptions. I despise precluding anything because of clear prejudice on my part. Have I done any of those? I assume I have and will again, but I'm one of those odd people that self loathes and thinks too much of himself at the same time. First bit of arrogance in that is my willingness to call that normal human trait of condlicting views of the self "odd", implying a possible uiqueness in my being. Well, to me I'm a bit different than most people I know, as I tend to argue from premises, and with contentions, that aren't the most cited. I don't do as well on logic tests as I want to, and I prefer to think it's because the tests weren't clear, but I doubt I'm that lucky. I think this is why many commentators watch politics, they are hoping some one who's more of an idiot, in some way or more, than them will say something they can write about.

A small little comment here, and not about idiots but about sociopaths. I kind of like them. Not for what they do, and I hate it when a person is devoid of conscience, but for what can be done to them. I can't say I'd feel as bad for violence inflicted upon the remorseless than for the guilt ridden wrecks. A person could careless? Ok, smash his head into the table. Well, it's easier to be violent removed from a hypothetical situation, unless one is violent in nature. I'm not, but I do get angry easily. I'll holler and curse quite readily in my own environment.

Oh, how awful for everyone reading this, I thought of one more thing to say.

I might've touched on this before, in one of the posts on bullies, but I've noticed some adults have a hyprocritical conception of maturity and of when someone's being immature. Here's an example: One person is being rude, and someone points it out asks the person to stop. On its surface, there's nothing wrong with that. But if the rudeness of the first person is exaggerated or the criticism in response to either case is given in a rude manner, the critic should be willing to admit it, right? No, for to defend your conduct against harsh criticism isn't a right. You, according to these judging bullies, must not only accept how they criticised you, but agree with them in everything. To them, they are entitled to attack you in an undeserved way, and you are an immature baby for challenging your treatment. Beware abuses of what maturity is. Bullies shouldn't be allowed to define it. Accept what I say. If you refuse, I suggest you grow up.


  • A critic may be right or they may have missed the point. A bully, by definition, is never right because the ends never justifies the means.

    One woman I bullied brutally on the internet is now one of my more ardent admirers because even though I bullied her mercilessly, when she finally got it right, I was the first to tell her so. Then she got consistently right and she's a much happier person because of it. That was on the internet and the only power I had over her was that she conferred upon me to wield.

    Had it been a real life situation, my conduct would have warranted a prison sentence, thus I wouldn't have had anything to do with her whatsoever.

    So, don't forget context and justice.

    By Blogger Rat, at 8/05/2005 12:07:00 PM  

  • Well, though you can speak for yourself, perhaps you felt she was not living up to her full potential. That may be why you were so ready to compliment her when you felt she did well. Whether or not your tactics were the best, your motives seem to be noble. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and is less likely so with bullies than critics. It is especially unlikely with strangers.

    By Blogger Eff, at 8/05/2005 11:15:00 PM  

  • Rat

    Bullying can never be justified. There is no "means to an end", only an arrogant weak knee'ed ego seeking satiation. You bully, because you think you can. You bully, because you have time on your hands. You bully, because you feel too insecure to excercise maturity, too insecure to disagree with honour, too insecure to make a point without driving in nails. You bully, because you are a sociopath. Because, you have been bullied. Because, you haven't the strength to break the cycle. Because, you were taught to. Because, you follow the herd - looking for horns to clash and rams to lock and lambs, to slaughter. You bully, because you are afraid of what you might become. What you have become. You bully, because you are mad and because you cannot touch the real source of your anger.

    Rat, you are a failure. The maze wrapped a blindfold over your sanity - you succumbed and became a bully when you could have transcended.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/14/2005 12:10:00 AM  

  • And a coward leaves a comment anonymously.

    That's all I'm going to say about it here. This is Tomcat's blog, neither your nor my battleground.

    By Blogger Rat, at 8/14/2005 11:15:00 PM  

  • And Tomcat, she is the same person whose email I included in my blog entry of August 12. It kinda speaks for itself.

    My problem with her in the beginning was the confusion she spread from her sway in the wind kind of messages she posted. As I often do, I tore apart post after post because of her attitude. Then one day, she got one thing right and I told her so. A few days later, I remarked that she was showing rapid signs of growth and improvement in her thinking - for which she thanked me. Then she made her first post from a positively defined position and I told her I was beginning to fall in love with her. She hasn't looked back since. Now I'm unashamedly proud of her and I seem to remember her remarking that she is a much happier person, despite her physical limitations.

    As for the coward's anonymous post above, I find it flattering. My bad reputation has been suffering under the weight of weeks of saintliness towards complete strangers. Comments have been left which I find acutely embarrassing.

    By Blogger Rat, at 8/14/2005 11:34:00 PM  

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