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Yet another incessant firearms debate

Yes, I saw another one, and I posted the following there first.

I call these the 7 sinful points.

1. As far as guns having the only purpose of killing. In some cases, good.

2. I am interested in a full refutation of why a gun can never be effective for individual defense, not situational statistics that have yet to disprove a simple, and basic fact: Guns are within their physical capacity to effect the desired out come of self preservation and the defeat, and yes that might mean death, of an assailant.

3. Yes or no, is distance and power considered a standard for most good strategem?

4. Situations which are variable cannot disprove the validity of my effectiveness claim. If one sites that a merchant with a gun is likely to be killed by the armed robber, he first admits it is not a guarantee, and he second confirms that the situation does not totally preclude the merchant from having the possibility of using his gun to save his life. The merchant's right to a firearm cannot be measured by the improbability of its effectiveness, since that improbability is not an absolute, making preventing his ownership of a gun on that basis unfair.

5. Self defense against intended harm does preclude consequences from the use of the means in question, guns, of that defense. Persons whom are confronted with a threat to themselves are not morally bound to give up a means of defense solely on the basis that society might be harmed by his gun or the guns of other persons, for which he has no responsibility for.

6. It is relevant and true that the police cannot be everywhere. And There might not be certainty of even the obligation of police to aid people, let alone to try to prevent harm to them. And that obligation, to be carried to its arguable necessity, would entail granting powers that would have the same effect of a police state, that of constant and large presence, which might be good or bad, depending on a populace's relations with their police and other police, and allowing constant searches for a very hard to predict event, I presume, unless someone knows when all violent crimes occur.

7. Superiority and balance of force does not make one immoral.

Iterating again old contentions I have made, though maybe the phrasing has some slight differences.

I am right. Period.


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