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PSTD of women

I have to admit this does not surprise me, but perhaps I am sexist in some ways. I suspect it's true regardless of this, "Women tend to seek help. That could be one reason the rates of PTSD appear higher for women—they show up at the VA and, therefore, in the statistics." I would presume women to be more effected by war than men. I think they are just more empathic than men are. I rather wish I was so empathic.

Why does it sometimes take years for PTSD to show up?

I suppose our natural rationalizations breakdown over time. But I don't know.

I've been thinking about nurses, somewhat about nursing, on occasion, but with more frequency lately, for a bit of time. I can't say it's something I've felt a strong interest in. But nurses or other medical professionals seem to surround me, in family, friends and casual acquintances.


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