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Too often our forgiveness and tolerance knows almost no limits

And, damn Hell, they should.

I wish I had a kinder or more benign topic for what is at this moment my 125th post, but right now I only have seething anger.

I watched half of Montel Williams, and after it I was too wrapped up in the tragedy of the first story, and upset enough, to finish watching the rest of the episode. There were other stories on it, and I might try to check out one of the repeat airings when they come.

But, for now, let us get on to the first travesty.

Ortralla Mosley's mother Carolyn, recounted the brutal manner of her daughter's murder, and how the school, knowing of the threats (Montel mentioned that there were at least 3, possibly 4, incidents of McTears, the Ortalla's murderer, brandishing knives and saying he was going to kill her), did almost nothing. Those bastard kids simply talked about it. Who the fucking Hell raises kids that just talk about a person armed and making threats?! What kind of advice is it to give an endangered student that she should tell school officials is the person threatening her gets to close? Could it be that the school did more that I know of? Yes, that's possible, but whatever they did do was damn sure not enough. I am sick of us excusing kids amoral indifference and the blatant incompetence of officials. The previous girlfriend of the murderer spoke of how he admitted to dreams that would be a siren to anyone that is not a complete idiot. Every lazy, cowardly little shit in that school who did nothing and could have, should be made to pay, and very dearly so. And anyone that wants to lecture me on being reasonable toward those kids and the school staff, et al, should remember one thing, by saying that it could happen to anyone, you confirm society is, at times, shit.

Keep these in mind as I mention one last thing, I missed the first 7-9 minutes, at least, of the episode, and I believe I am missing 1 or 2 stabbings in this heinous list.

Stabbed through in the back, through the heart.

  • Stabbed through the lungs from the front.
  • Stabbed in both temples, not through, one in each.
  • Stabbed through the skull or forhead.
  • Severe throat slitting.

She was on her knees at one point.

She forgave him.

Fuck Reagan High


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