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Libby indicted and mean ol' right wingers.

Yes, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been indicted. All I want to say is that I admit to being glad someone was. I have no animous toward any of the persons involved. But at least now there is a story to continue. Had it ended on no indictments, conspiracy theories would have run amok. Now the new story has substance. The first story had substance, and so does the second story. Leftist conspiracy theories and rightist lionizing, had no one been indicted, would not be a story. It would be bored people inventing facts and creating images unproven by a non indictment.

And the mean ol' right pushed out Miers? They might have, but the real mean ol' person here is not the general right winger, or even further right than them. The arrogant prick is Bush, whom it seems thought he could get someone through with dubious credentials, based on his word. The argument here is that if his earlier nominations fit the conservative mold, conservatives should defer to his selection and disregard the issue of a lack of documented qualification. Who knew character references are all that's needed to get on the Supreme Court? Yes, Bush's arrogance, though he might have meant well, put Miers through a proverbial meat grinder. I feel sorry for Harriet E. Miers more so because Bush can't advocate for anyone or thing much better than saying "trust me" and "things are hard, you must overcome," than for what the mean ol' right supposedly put her through. If I drank, I'd cheer Bush's inflated ego.


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