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Try as I may, I just don't feel much empathy for those kids at the Catholic school in Long Island, N.Y. being denied sponsorship for their spring prom and having it cancelled by the school. Sure, it's an important time for the kids, and one can question the fairness in judging people on how much they spend on themselves. But, still, I'm not good at partiality on this one. I despise the existence of beer and debauchery in general, which is apparently a mainstay of many of these events, and the thought of some young person getting lost in the euphoria they might feel in such events, which could be a beautiful thing, makes me reactively uncomfortable and a bit angry, because it could also be that person is happy because they are high. Is it my business if they are high? Well, yes because of the potential for harm that can come about because of their state of mind, which could adversely affect me, but I doubt many of them will grasp that consequences of getting plastered. My nature has always been reserved, even anal retentive if one prefers, but unless the principal, Hoagland, is lying, he has my support, because no school that must keep up a moral appearance should be required to support people having beer parties, and worse, where the potential for loss of contol becomes exacerbated.

In Pal Talk's Social Issues section, which I was just in a few minutes ago, people were discussing bikes and I don't know what else. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but there are just somedays when one doesn't feel like listening to off topic comments.

Speaking of Pal Talk, it seems there's some famous person known as The Social Issues Tattler. I've no clue how long this person has been around. I was once asked if I was him/her. No. Really, I guess because of narcissism, I don't care a lot about him/her until I get a mention or until someone else I'm interested in is mentioned, which has a happened on occasion. I've not read all his stuff (I just glance).

I bet I'm not the only one unsure of when to use commas, brackets and parentheses.

We need more art. Yes, but putting the art in accurately would be good. Weeks back I was watching a cartoon and an excerpt from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner was read aloud in it. Beautiful part, to bad the captions messed up a bit of it. I don't know if it ruined the eulogy aspect of the scene, but accuracy would be nice.

I think someone has to ask this if it's not been asked already: Wilma the Hurricane is angry, so what did Fred do?

Law & Order: I'm getting mixed signals from the show's direction. Is Waterston leaving it soon? He seems to be near ready to have a nervous breakdown every week.

I can't get into recent major news stories. I don't know how I can not be enthralled by the events in Pakistan and the surrounding areas in its neighboring countries, and in Iraq, but I'm just not. One thing has bugged me for a bit, where is the Bono, et al, lead fundraising concert? Speaking of Pakistan's tragic events, I heard some guy on BBC radio from the UN calling donor countries stingy and saying we don't get it. He might be right, but regardless of that, I enjoyed his emphatic nature. Winter is coming. Give more, world governments. Good man, that guy. Whatever his name is.

For sometime I thought my local station was tape delaying the BBC radio. Damn DST to hell.

Lastly, I hate gripes about alarmist media. Of course some reports probably go beyond the pale, or not, but anyone running out and stock piling submachine guns, 50 cases of each conceivable supply, and going into their bunker over how I've seen most stories reported, can, I hope, only have the good fortune, for the rest of us, of getting stuck there and forgotten. Good riddance to hyper reactionary morons.


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