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Nauseating tv ads

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    To all the advertising firms behind the promotion of drug research companies, plastics makers and generally any product that has a life saving potential, for the love of something, shut up. I assume some of the involved companies do great work, but, every time I see these ads, I feel like someone is trying to sell me Mother Theresa in a bottle. The damn ads look almost the same. And the Philip Morris "don't smoke but by our junk anyway" ads takes it all for not only bordering on moral inconsistency, but for being the most pitiable crap I've seen in sometime. It's probably the lawsuits that forced them to make the stupid ads. When the damn Truth ads against the tobacco industry start to become bearable, the sap-filled, "look at us, we're doing Jebus work" ads start. Yes, I'm a griping jerk, but the ads are just so annoying. "Plastics make it happen." I happen to want to ram a plastic fork into some places.

    And another thing. Why are models talking back to me? Really, I've never been one really impressed by most models, but that's a personal aesthetic I won't get into. But I liked it better when they were quiet. I say this not intending to supress expression, but to spare my ears. Some of these models are more masculine in voice than me. Well, nearly everyone is. But Ms. Gorgeous with the Husky Voice could help to drop, or never have it created in the first place, the second half of the nickname by being quiet and showing off her even skin and golden ratio jawline and not disturbing poor me.


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