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Two things I find disturbing.

First is the notion that the corruption of a source, or even the alleged corruption thereof, proves the information it provides is false. Which, if applied universally, would make the concept of informants moot.

The second is idea that anyone is guilty because they are disliked.

I have seen examples of each recently, and in places where I would hope more consideration would be given before expresssing what might be a knee jerk response, as if the comments were between two buddies watching sports together instead of at places where though out opinion and argument is the intended purpose.

The second one disturbs me especially at this moment because what I have to ask is, "would you really want you anymore to go down for something he might be innocent of, and do you want to gloat before his guilt is even established?" I wonder how that could not bother a person.

People have strange ethics.


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