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Illegal Immigration: A controversial perspective on evil.

I do not think of myself as being anti immigration. I do think that strong border security is nationally vital, and that a nation has the right to impose limits on who can come into it, but based mostly on the principle of consistent application of law and what a nations capacity is to absorb immigrants. I also prefer to call a spade a spade when it is inarguable. It is purely disingenuous to call an illegal immigrant anything other than what he is, illegal. And, now, I am going to call a certain type of immigrant rights advocate, anyone fitting the following model, evil.

Those who break laws to assist illegal immigration and attack anyone challenging them on it.

What makes them evil is not their intent, which I must presume for a given person of that type, for fairness' sake, is good since there is a compassion component to consider. And their methods have some bearing, but those are not the main bases for my contention.

What makes some of them evil is that they are willing to impose upon their own society potentially massive disruption and risk by forcing into it a foreign element (illegal immigrants, who, in some cases, if not most, they know little about), and care more about their one sided morality than how their fellow citizens could be effected and how they feel about illegal immigration and law breaking methods to aid it. This is not to say that I know illegal immigrants to be responsible for most social burdens, such as criminal acts, etc. Illegal immigrants might be the most productive members of the societies they came into. But every person, his character, his willingness to behave within his society's social norms is an unknown element at birth. This unpredictability is problematic enough, and it is unfair to alter the field of life in a nation by adding a person not present by abiding with the law. Native born people are automatically within the law, thus the field is not fundamentally uneven. Some nations might have an economic necessity for the cheap labor illegal immigrants are willing, or not, to provide. Unfortunately, too many of them are exploited and enslaved. But that necessity is strongly contingent on the actual unwillingness of a society's own native people to take on certain types of jobs, and the actual economic necessity of those jobs and related businesses. While arguments that the moral necessity of a business and the job it provides is because of its emotional value to some people and communities might be natural, such is a standard that is potentially counterproductive because it could exist in an almost any economic hypothetical on this matter, and not everything can exist at the same time.

The evil, again, is that some of them do not care what happens to anyone else as long as they follow their own conscience. And they will cite statistics to downplay concerns about their actions. The problem with that is that statistics, while possibly having a myriad of other problems like the methods used to come to them, subjectiveness in their relevance, et al, might not preclude all of the concerns given by those protesting what the assistors of illegal immigration are doing. While knowing this, the law breakers would still defend their actions by continuing on with their argument of improbability. The fact that high improbability means exceptions must exist means little to them. They are doing good, according to them, and any negative consequences are acceptable, for only an evil and selfish person would object; a racist, bigot, etc. That is the thinking of many of them, and they are evil for it.

If I receive angry responses which disrespect the context of this post, in each of their authors you shall see a supporter of the evil.


  • nice to see you posting again.

    By Blogger mo, at 11/21/2005 03:07:00 PM  

  • Well, not getting very active. Might have one or two more posts in a few days to a week. I'd not planned to post till next year.

    By Blogger Eff, at 11/22/2005 12:59:00 AM  

  • Hi Eff. Nice to find an article about illegal immigration rather than immigration - two very different subjects, in my book at least. I want to keep this short and I need to do it fairly quickly, I hope no-one will read anything in to it that isn’t intended.

    Where people knowingly and willing become illegal immigrants, the law of the land should apply, just as it should to, well, any other criminal act. It is, in a democratic society, up to the people to elect a government who will fulfil their wishes – just so long as we remember that a democratic process doesn’t always mean a ‘right’ decision.

    The law of the land should also apply, perhaps, to those who, in effect, support illegal immigration by exploiting illegals to their own advantage – in effect, aiding and abetting a criminal act.

    And smugglers are smugglers, just as if they were smuggling drugs or guns (which a lot do as well). One of the nastier sides of illegal immigration is the ‘slavery’ aspect, either where the illegals are exploited as life-long cheap labour to pay off the ‘debt’ to the smugglers, or where they are used as sex-slaves. Definitely needs to be tackled.

    By Blogger Mike, at 11/28/2005 12:08:00 AM  

  • Agreed. Mainly do to hearing about the slave exploitation of women form nations such as Russia, I changed my mind on prostitution some time ago. I am opoosed to it. Mind you, not to the degree that I would go campaigning against the brothels in Nevada, but I think the risk that the woman selling her body has family at home under threat is not ignorable.

    By Blogger Eff, at 11/28/2005 12:15:00 PM  

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