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Blog Against Racism Day

I wish I could think of creative, emotionally compelling words to express my disdain for racists, but, in truth, advocacy posts, whether for or against something, are difficult for me. So I shall let my feelings be clear yet expressed in my own peculiar way, with, as I have been accused of using, strange logic, or good logic.

Some people say racism and associated evils like bigotry and xenophobia comes from ignorance. But I do not accept that explanation. Ignorance gives some understanding to initial fear but not long term hatred. It is idiocy which fosters racism. It is stupidity which presumes the inferiority of others. And it is moronism which condemns an entire race based on the fallacy of guilt by association, wherein the action of one person or even many makes all of similar appearance deserving of, according to racists, hatred. Racism is for the incessantly mentally lazy. And non of this understanding of how senseless racism is takes great intelligence to comprehend. Indeed, it takes so little thought that the laziness needed to understand it means the person unable to is far more likely evil than simply ignorant.


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