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It's time to learn what that is.

You have a complicated situation in which the lives of many people could be effected.
You need to decide on which course to take, and who should lead it.

Do you, a, study the legitimacy of the issue, the necessity of a given course option, and the viability of each candidate to lead the action, or, b, do you make a contention about one of the candidates moral authority while ignoring the viability of the other candidates, and the rest of the aforementioned issues?

It's really not that hard of a quiz.

Also, what is with some people calling things paranoid? Do people fully understand what that implies? Some examples are fine, but the term is so often used that it seems applicable to anything someone cannot grasp the need for. According to some, or so it seems, anything not certain to happen more than once a week must be a false issue, and only paranoid people are concerned about them. Dictionary.com says, "often strenuously defended with apparent logic and reason." That claims that even with apparent rationality behind a given concern, that does not preclude it from being delusional. Of course, that's an escape, since it is still on the burden of the person making the claim that someone is paranoid to refute his logic.


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